Batteries & Chargers

New Batteries

New Batteries

Lines Offered: Power Flow, Bulldog, Basic Standard

Rugged Power Sources: Capable of handing a full-shift for all material handling uses

Extended Life: Designed to last, with lifetimes extending beyond 5 years

Built Locally: All batteries are designed and manufactured in the United States using the best available raw materials and technology

Warranty: New batteries carry a full 5-7 year warranty

High-Capacity Options: We also offer a line of batteries with 25% higher capacity for even more power

Refurbished Batteries

Refurbished Batteries

Lines Offered: Prime Power Plus

High-capacity: Tested and restored to contain at least 80% of a new battery’s capacity

Warranty: Full factory warranty offered with purchase

Reliability: Thousands of our refurbished batteries have been in service for ten years or longer



Lines Offered: Kodiak

Fast Recharging: Chargers can bring a completely discharged battery to full capacity in 8 hours or less

Multiple Battery Types: Dynamic chargers capable of charging batteries ranging from 12-volts up to 80-volts, and supporting single or multiple shift operation

Automation and Damage Prevention: Chargers are fully automatic, with programmable equalizers to prevent battery damage