Causes of Battery Failures

New batteries are designed to last a minimum of five years or fifteen hundreds cycles. A properly maintained
battery can last a lot longer, while a poorly maintained battery can have premature problems and failures. Some of the common causes of premature battery failures:

  • Using a smaller capacity or weight battery than the lift truck requires
  • Using non-matching chargers
  • Improper battery watering
  • Improper or opportunity recharge
  • Leaving battery discharged for extended period

Batteries should be visually inspected periodically. If any of the following signs are detected batteries should be evaluated and repaired as needed:

  • Battery not lasting a full shift
  • Excessive corrosion and contaminants on the battery surfaces
  • Loss of electrolytes
  • Lower cell voltage and electrolyte gravity
  • Uneven battery cover and lifting of positive post
  • Rotten egg smell from the battery
  • Battery running hot during charge and usage

A damaged battery left unrepaired can cause damage to the lift truck and charger.